stewart-250Stewart Family

We knew from our first meeting with Friends Preschool that we had found the perfect place. Our son, who was adopted internationally, needed a loving, yet academically challenging environment, with a balance of boundaries and grace. They have invested hours and hours into our son and are committed to seeing him, and every other child, reach their fullest potential. We have watched him learn his letters, begin reading, and begin his math facts. The high standards, wrapped in love, encouragement, and celebrating the uniqueness of each child, has given our son the best preschool experience.  He has absolutely thrived at Friends Preschool. We have no doubt that he has been given a solid foundation to begin kindergarten. More importantly, he has gained confidence, a joy for learning, and our family is forever grateful for how they have embraced and loved our son.

simmi-250Poonia Family

Being as both my husband and I are doctors, education is of the utmost importance to us. I am so thankful for the time that my daughter has been a part of Friends Preschool.  We could not be more thankful that she has been able to learn under Miss Michelle, Miss Kristian, and their incredibly comprehensive curriculum.

My daughter’s experience at Friends prepared her to be at the top of her approaching kindergarten class, and for the rest of her life. She is currently reading at a second grade reading level, can identify over 400 sight words, doing addition and subtraction, can identify several fine art prints, has expanded her imagination and creative capacity, understands the importance of being polite and respectful, and has built a foundation for how to be a leader amongst peers. Friends has molded her academic, creative, and social foundations through thoughtful, individualized planning that will carry with her throughout the rest of her life. The level of development each child reaches is nothing shy of remarkable. Words can never express how much we will miss this school.

Ball Familyball-250

We all care about the well-being of our children. Being an educator myself, and having taught kindergarten for several years, I deeply care about the whole educational environment for my twins; not only academically, but emotionally, socially, physically, creatively, and most of all, I wanted their hearts to be nurtured. My preschool wish list was extremely long. I never thought I would be so impressed and overjoyed with the love, support, enrichment, rigor, and fun at any preschool, until I met with Michelle and Kristian at Friends Preschool.

The love Michelle and Kristian exude is contagious, and my children smile from ear to ear when coming home from school each day. They are typically covered in paint, which means they were creators without limitations. I generally pick them up in their “backup” clothing, which means they had a blast playing with water. They come home telling me all about the human body, geometry, and gravity, which means they are discovering science and math through all modalities, something I would not think my children could understand at such a depth, at such a young age. My twins routinely speak about how the whole class worked together on one goal so all can celebrate winning.

At Friends Preschool, all parents and students celebrate when one child reaches a milestone such as counting to 100 or learning to read. The big and the little are celebrated because it’s all big to a preschooler. Friends Preschool has blessed my family in more ways than I could imagine. I am confident that this precious time at Friends Preschool has set my children up for a successful student career.

JahnsJahn Family

I was happy to find a preschool for my two daughters that included an academic component, while still balancing an incredible art/hands on learning experience where the focus is not on the product, but rather appropriately focused on the process. The teachers are highly educated in early childhood education, are passionate about teaching, conduct education classes in the community, and have an enthusiasm for finding the best way to develop a child's mind. My oldest is now a GATE student who is entering 2nd grade and reading at a 4th grade level.  My youngest who is entering kindergarten is reading at a 1st grade level and knows 100 sight words. She cried when we left Friends Preschool where she was adored, loved, and is the kindest, most polite, and artistic soul I have ever known. I am confident that I started them both out in the right place and gave them the best opportunity to succeed.

Bakulich-4Bakulich Family

When we set out to find a preschool for our son, we hoped to find a place where he would feel comfortable, happy, loved, and be excited to attend. Call it a parent's intuition, we knew instantly when we walked into Friends Preschool that we could not imagine our son going anywhere else. Immediately, we could see the attention to detail, experience, education, dedication, and love that is poured into their program and each individual child. They have the perfect balance of art, music, science, math, literature, play, cooking, exploring, imagination, and critical thinking. The children are also introduced to different cultures and foods from around the world.

Not a day goes by that we are not awe-inspired by their passion and creativity to teach children. We love that the children are able to get wet and messy while learning. Friends Preschool is structured and academic, but also puts a strong emphasis on art and play. We have never seen such a well-balanced, polite, and happy group of young children. During his two years at Friends Preschool, our son has grown from being very timid and shy to confident, outgoing, creative, and full of knowledge with an understanding of etiquette. We are forever grateful!


Hilmen Family

Our family has had the privilege of a Friends education for the last four years, with two of our four children. Had we lived in the area previous to that, all four of our children would have spent their days with Miss Michelle and Miss Kristian. What originally drew us to Friends was the academic and creative balance. Children are allowed to explore, create, and delve into topics that interest them all the while building a concrete understanding of the basic skills they will need as they progress to kindergarten. Learning takes place inside the classroom, outside while playing and interacting with the other children, as well as at home. This is a program where your child truly advances socially, academically, and critically with the guidance of Miss Michelle and Miss Kristian, as well as at home with the cooperation and input of the parents. I had no doubt that both my children would enter kindergarten as leaders, as well as being academically advanced.

clarksClark Family

My son graduated Friends Preschool after two years in the program. It's been one of the most rewarding, incredible experiences of his life, and a real pleasure for our family. From the moment we entered the preschool, we were completely amazed by the learning environment. We walked through the art room, classroom, and outdoor play area and I found myself wishing I was three years old! The array of educational toys, interactive and imagination building centers, art play, and creative thinking supplies is enough to make a grown mom smile and sigh with joy!

After two years, my child is reading, doing math, *finally* enjoying art, playing well with the other children, and has a great sense of self-confidence in his ability to learn. He has done more creative, fun, exciting projects than I think I have in my life! He really enjoys how they are encouraged to build, create and discover with things like PVC pipes and water, tree branches and pipes ("nature tent"), food coloring and eye droppers, soil and seeds.

The teachers' passion for early childhood education is evident in their interactions with the children. They LOVE and see the strengths in each child, and come alongside them to help each develop better in their areas of weakness. It is equal parts academic, art, play, and discovery. You couldn't ask for a better preschool. We have another child entering this summer, and are so excited to see her bloom and grow under the care and love of everyone at Friends Preschool

castroCastro Family

We Love You Forever, Miss Michelle and Miss Kristian!  While attending two years at Friends Preschool, our daughter discovered, learned, and transpired into a respectable, independent, and loving little girl, not only to herself, but others as well.  She learned to write, read, complete math facts, and much more!  The standards and expectations for students and parents are high as they believe that each family is fully capable of becoming the best that they can be.  Miss Kristian and Miss Michelle go above and beyond all measures for the children, their families, and for their school.  The carry pride, knowledge, and kind hearts!  The academics provided excel a child, the opportunities available create more than simple life lessons, and the creative art lays the foundation for a child's imagination to shine.  Forever Miss Michelle and Miss Kristian will be in our hearts and we hope to always have them as part of our family.  XXOO Friends Preschool!


"Be the change you wish to be in the world." – Mahatma Ghandi